The purpose of this section is to help the brides out there that want to have the wedding of their dreams on a very tight budget.  It is not impossible to have a wedding that looks like a million bucks with a budget that is way under $10,000 we will tell you how!   So stayed tuned!  Thanks Panda16.

Tip #1

Budget.  Before you do anything, set a budget and stick to it.  Determine how much money you intend to spend on each item associated with your wedding, and do not go outside your budget.  Ultimately, you can determine how to save money on your wedding by setting your budget and following it.

Tip #2

Consider getting married on any other day of the week other than Saturday. For instance, Friday evening, sunday afternoon or maybe the sunday before a holiday.  Saturday is usually in most cases the most expensive night


Tip #3

"Wedding season" is usually around May -October, consider having your wedding during an off season month.  Then create a wedding fund, it is easier to save money over a period of time rather than coming up with a lump sum to pay all of the vendors at the same time.

Tip #4

Research, research, research!  It pays to shop around, always get 3-4 quotes per service, ie (photographers, cakes, catering halls).  You will see the difference in prices between the vendors.

Tip #5

Negotiate!  Always negotiate for lower prices or extra perks in your packages.  You never know what can be added or what you could have had for no cost, especially if you do not ask.