Q.  How do I put a photo in my siggy?
A.  On "My Knot" , go to "edit profile" in the signature field put in this code
(take out the asteriks):
<*img src="yourtinyurlhere"/*>
dont forget to go to www.tinypic.com to upload your photo to get your code.

Q. How do I put a picture in a post?
A. Upload your photo at www.tinypic.com
You should use the "image code for message boards & Forums".  Copy and paste the code into the post. 

Q. What is a siggy challenge?
A. A siggy challenge is a monthly board challenge that entails posting a pic in your siggy AKA signature  that shows your individuality.  The monthly challenges are posted by Romeys_Bride.

Q. How do I make an inpiration board?
A. If you need assistance you can contact knottie mycicybride at [email protected]

Q How do I page a Knottie or find community bios on the message boards?
A. To contact a specific poster, you can page them on the boards by posting a message with their Knot Name in the subject line, like this: "Paging Bride2B" or "****Bride2B*****." You can also look up their bio with their Knot name by going to the Talk Main area (http://weddings.theknot.com/talk/talk.aspx) and scrolling down to FINDING A KNOTTIE BRIDE or searching The Knottie Directory.

Q What's the Knottie Directory?
A The Knottie Directory is an alphabetical listing of all Knot Names -- an easy way to find your friends and check out their Knot stats.

Q What is the SEE POSTS option in The Knottie Directory?
A If there is a Knottie whose posts you'd prefer to not view, you can uncheck the SEE POSTS box and make that particular member's posts disappear. Checking the box again will reproduce the posts for that member. You may select more than one member's posts to hide at a time.

Q My Post has words replaced with ***?
A Certain swear words have been filtered and are replaced with different characters, such as '*.'

Q How can I change my Knot Name?
A Once your Knot Name has been created, you cannot change it so please select it carefully. Avoid using personal information such as your first and last name.

Q How do I update my email address?
A To update your email address, please click on the MY KNOT tab at the top of the home page (http://www.theknot.com/default.shtml), and then click on the UPDATE PROFILE link under your name.

Q How can I submit my wedding to be an Upcoming Wedding on TALK?
A To be selected as one of our featured couples in the community area, please follow the instructions found here: Featured couples

What are the icons that show up next to Knot Names?
The two icons that show up next to a Knot Name are a blue bubble, which lets you know a poster is online, and light blue circles underneath a Knot Name, which rates a poster by activity on the boards.
What do the Thread icons mean?

Thread Icon Legend
Popular topic. A topic becomes popular after a certain number of views and posts.
An announcement.
A locked topic. Locked topics do not allow replies.

What is an announcement?
An announcement is a post from The Knot that shows up at the top of a board with important information, or a community question, and so on.

  What is a locked topic?
A locked topic is a post that does not allow replies. Once The Knot locks a topic no more replies are permitted.

  How do I set up email notifications when someone responds to my posts?
Click on the WATCH THIS POST link within the body of the post to receive email notification.

  How do I set up email notifications when someone posts a new message on my favorite board?
To receive notifications when any new messages are posted on a board, click on the SORT POSTS button on the top right-hand side of a message board and click on SEND EMAIL to select your choice.

  When I view a board I don't see any posts?
If a board doesn't display any posts, try changing your filter choices to a wider selection.

  Can I sort posts when viewing a board?
Yes, you can sort posts by poster, number of replies, number of views, and last post. The default sort is to display the newest threads first (last post in descending order).

  Can I delete a post?
You can delete any of your own posts or replies by clicking on the delete button next to your post. The Knot reserves the right to also delete any post they find inappropriate.

  What is the Report button?
The report button is to report spam, vendors, offensive, or threatening posts.